home page bg: mewheart
bumper stickers: internet bumper stickers
site rating image: adopt -a- censorship panda
dark magician cursor: realworld graphics

kitty page bg: base - snow2 by yoruva-kotenox
anime kitties: ghost's anime kitties by ty-chou / old site
collection page bg: riyo / @lyot3rd
tama's page bg: tamagotchi l.i.f.e app

notes page bg: mp100 s2 illust book
profile page bg: naruto shippuden op 13

shrine page bg: rpg maker vx resources by ayene-chan
shrine painting: françois boucher, ‘The Toilette of Venus,’ 1751 / met museum

pkmn tcg art: indv artists' twitter accts linked under each img / pkmncards

magical pokemon journey resources: viz /
solaceon town map: bulbapedia
kenkyo kenjitsu fanart: @jonasan814 / らはかん

a lot of images (ex: stamps) are also linked back to source! check them out!!!

everything else / misc. banners icons tiles etc: gifcities

plz msg me if I have missed anything that needs to be credited or taken down O_O