august 06, 2022

HAAAAAAIIII X3 *walks in late with my yammy cawfee*

I was going to make a post about how I was back on gaiaonline etc etc n how I made a gaia fan chara but then um hehe.. I stopped signing on again for now, but you know I'll be back within a yr... but yah my avi is a human nao!!!! and shes a big nervegas crisis fan. we stan moira in this house!!!

I've also been playing yakuza 8 (like a dragon) and it's SHO KYOOT it's my first time playing the series so I'm starting w the new guy and he is very very moe I am having fun. BUT I TOOK A BREAK BCUZ I STARTED PLAYING OUR LIFE: BEGINNINGS & ALWAYS ← the reason why I am making this post btw

I was browsing da steam shop n was like wow this game takes place at the beach and it's free!!! and it was soooo fun it made me nostalgic for flash dating sims LOL but as a very chill game about growing up and I loved all the MC customizations :) & the choice of just being indifferent or bffs instead of in love with the love interest (there is only one unless you play the DLC) and I luv luv luv seeing ppl post art of their OCs with da characters it's so fun and cute and exactly what I love seeing n also just games like that where ppl make fan charas n they just live their lives!!!

but um yah. I just finished my 2nd playthru and I'm like hmm maybe I should play again but with the DLCs hehe. I think total it is like ~$15-20 (so far) n well I am having fun so I think it is worth it! I wanna play the wedding one and color-coordinate all the costumes and choose the venue and cake flavors n stuff what about it!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav parts were decorating the bedroom and choosing crepe toppings and which fudges to buy and I thot it was very cute when the LI bought the MC [insert item here] n I was like TToTT thank u...for the orange juice?! I ~licherally~ chose it bcecause I just thought it was a nice breakfast drink LOL but THANK U MY CHARA WILL CHERISH IT

I'm feeling soooooo otoge-pilled rn fr I think I might spend some time on since there seems to be some cute indie ones on there! I think the meme ones are kind of cute too because ppl are still spending time on passion projects for free so it's you know... still from da heart & sincerely made! <3

march 14, 2022

my friend and I spent the night drawing tokyo mew mew fanart after hearing about mia ikumi :(
here is an anime kitty of mew berry for anyone to adopt

in other news, golden terrace is going to be officially published in english! wooooo~~~ avail nov 15~~!

march 03, 2022

I've been trying to bully my friends into watching the kinpri movies but it's been such a hard sell to them. In the past few yrs...I have managed to get three whole ppl to watch with me with varying lvls of interest OTL but here is the reason why I think it is a masterpiece fun~~~~!

ok so like in 2011 there was this little girl anime called pretty rhythm aimed to like middle schoolers maybe??? and then 5 years later all da little girls grew up into bl luvrs and then king of prism happened!!!! a spin-off movie of the little girls anime focusing on the boy characters.

the movie imo is quite badly paced and makes no sense. it's like an entire series condensed into 60 minutes. but it is sooooo fun and crazy and absurd and really good over the top fanservice. completely unashamed of what it is. when we went to go watch promare in theater I was just like I wish people were watching king of prism instead. it was such a treat being able to watch kinpri in theater and a fan brought all of their lightsticks and lent them out so people could follow along with all the moves and chants during the scenes it was soooooo great.

anyway the movie ended on this silly cliffhanger and then it was like TO BE CONTINUED with a clip of all the stuff that was supposed to happen next LMAO and then a yr later the second movie came out and it was also very very fun!!!!!!!!!!

it was extremely fujo bait lmao I was like very impressed by all the clothes exploding off and kissing and pole dancing and whatever... kind of my personal standard bcuz I wanna watch something fun and silly and like idk not watered down. I am pretty ambivalent towards shipping but it really got me when they do their prism jumps n my brain is just like wow inazuma eleven hissatsu!!!!!! sorry this is just my incoherent gibberish. IK I am not selling this to anyone here but also go check it out!!!!!!!!!!

here is my fav part (because it reminds me of aliea academy):

omg also the mobile game was so funny and silly it was like a 1 button rhythm game that had autoplay because it was so boring and easily playable on mute LOL didn't stop anyone from gacha tho!!! my favorite songs were red night vampire and starved for you btw

***MY DESCRIPTIONS R NOT ACCURATE IM NOT A REAL PRETTYRHYTHM OR KINPRI FAN SRY I just think these movies r neat!!!!!!! the anime is...fine... (I was too bored to finish watching it...)

also I saw a tweet saying they needed to go play inazuma but then I remembered they prob meant genshin and not sakka...

december 02, 2021

my friends and I began playing the critically acclaimed mmorpg final fantasy xiv when 5.3 dropped, letting you play the expanded free trial through the entirety of a realm reborn and the award winning heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime. and now it's time to head for da moon!!!!!!!

I used to have a few ffxiv posts on here but I was embarrassed and deleted them all. maybe this one will also be gone eventually hehe but I definitely spent a lot of time playing (and neglecting this site).

thank you to my brothers and papas and uncles for helping me through the game and getting my saint of the firmament title and dream house!!!!!!! byebye c u in endwalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

november 03, 2021

it's (well it was) that time of year again, where my feed is flooded with wonfes photos. what caught my eye in specific were the hikaru no go nendoroid announcements!!!! AAAAA

I haven't thought about nendos in such a long time (2016)β€”the next thing I knew, I was following the gsc twitter account and looking at nendoroid dolls. now I am in doll clothes hell which is adjacent to bjd window shopping hell (also fun).

ok I guess I am just in general just in doll hell oops! I went from looking at unboxing to face-up videos and now I can't stop. I luv dat flat anime dollfie look. and also I loooooove resin eyes. god those glimmering shimmering orbs jewels make my brain go insane. dat's just my lyfe now.

↓↓↓ luv when the artists draw little blushies that look like # or /// it is soooo kyuuuuuuteeeee ↓↓↓

it's funny how my fav keeps getting smaller and smaller, because I used to love msd (~42cm) and then unoa chibi (~35cm) hehe. and now I love the size of tiny delf (~16cm) the most!!! if including non-bjd, then nendolls (~14cm) and obitsuroids (~16cm?) are my fav hehehehehe. I luv small.

anyway I went a little bit insane and splurged a bit on svsss nendoroid/dolls and tgcf minidolls so um I hope I am still invested when they finally arrive LOL

april 23, 2021

My next post was going to be about my newfound fascination of the beautiful bratz fashion photos on its twitter account, but before I typed a post I started hyperfixing on something else, sorry!!!! BUT, check out @bratz anyway LOL. I love all the lip liner.

I recently found out kodocha was going to be rereleased on SD-BD by discotek media!!!! Season 1 is going to incl the funimation dub too, which I am enjoying so far. I was actually trying to find the mandarin dub a while ago, but no luck.

BTW, does anyone remember kodocha being called marmalade boy on crack, with fansites dedicated to the both, such as this one? I found out about marmalade boy through kodocha instead of the other way around, but the pages were still fun to read (having not read/watch the series at the time).

PS: omg... I am watching kodocha while writing this, and it is missing the part where sana uses a tree branch to clean akito's ear... I remembered it so vividly and was like wow did I take a long blink and just missed that entire part?!?!?! but no...

april 11, 2021

I haven't really been doing much other than playing ffxiv, so it's hard to think of what I can actually write here, yanno? I'm gonna share some cool tweets I bookmarked instead.

The images come from a series called Datacraft Sozaijiten, yes even the ones that look handpainted lol. This series is used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games which is how I found them.

Their website is here

— Fanamel (@FanamelT) March 26, 2021

caption in case I try to find these again & twitter is down: (tweets made by user @FanamelT)

Last night I managed to find a bunch of source images used as backgrounds in Pokemon cards, here's a few of them.

The images come from a series called Datacraft Sozaijiten, yes even the ones that look handpainted lol. This series is used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games which is how I found them.

Their website is here

october 03, 2020

got around to moving those ffxiv posts LOL so now I have to think about what else I can talk about...

I'm sure most people have already watched this music video but posts here anyway ^^ I luv how pika and eevee are designed and the fanart for it is also soooo kyuuuutee!!!!!! pt2 of dlc is also out soon and I am like aaaahhhh because my brain is still ffxiv (and I cannot dual wield lol) but still hype!!!!

there's also a rerun of cap pikachu for swsh!!! the rest will be revealed via weekly anipoke episodes (or just check serebii by nov 30 >:'3)

original cap: P1KACHUGET
partner cap: 1CH00SEY0U
hoenn cap: P1KAADVANCE

august 03, 2020

my ancient R4 from like 10+ years ago still works, and thus I decided to open up this lil time capsule... the only games on it are ace attorney 1-4, inazuma eleven, & tokimeki memorial girl's side 1-3... that checks out tbh yes I still do love all three series LOL esp since I have been itching to pick up an date sim / otome game recently... thankfully tmgs2 scratches that itch. I don't remember much other than x & y characters existing, so it's been fun... makes me miss these two from tmgs3 tho >_>;

I suck sm at stat raisers but they are fun imo!!!!!! I always had such a hard time with these games bc the love rivals would always be upset with me and it was annoying to diffuse the bombs and I'm a simp for raising friendship so I never get a "good" ending LOL maybe that's why I love karen and miyo so much, even tho um I want their endings too... and it will be ezier now that there's an eng patch...

on a side note, it was a struggle to get the fanpatch of dot kareshi to work on this pc. the only troubleshoot method I found online was to tinker with the high dpi setting via properties, but it didn't resolve my particular problem. this post helped me with the solution, and it turns out all I had to do was add japanese supplement fonts to my system settings... lol heheh yay

and also a tiny shoutout to pacthesis for all their sim date flash games LOL I sincerely admire the amount of hard work they put into each of their games and I definitely need to replay them inb4 flash becomes obsolete 4 good O_O I remember having to look up guides to play these omg good times

trying to think of what else I liked & I guess just the arcana & fire emblem awakening *foggy memory*

edit: I just remembered I love ygotf3 but it is too bad my brain is broken & refuses to duel... u_u

july 26, 2020

ok, I am gonna try to make a journal post at least once a month!!!!

in the past month, I ordered a yu-gi-oh necklace from supergroupies, bought some games from the steam summer sale, and caught up on some manga. I must now stay my spending hand for the next few months... >__<;; on the bright side, I now have some nice QoL mods for the steam ver of stardew valley, and I am caught up with delicious in dungeon & toilet-bound hanako-kun. I'm a lil worried tho... will I ever get to playing umineko or palais de reine...? uhhh...hmm.. well they were on sale so.

the past week or so was spent re-reading kenkyo kenjitsu o motto ni ikite orimasu, my favorite webnovel ever!!!!!!! yep it's still on hiatus, and there hasn't been new fanart or fanfics since I last checked. hmm.. yep yep. that checks out, unfortunately...

I recently found out a chapter of how I became a pokemon card was scanlated!!!!! It's drawn by himeno kagemaru, a tcg artist, and features short stories revolving around his card illusts. plz... more... there's also some lq raws floating around ahhhhh but πŸ₯ΊπŸ€²

sry sry one more manga plug!!! mahjong diva obaka miiko by katayama masayuki is also super cute and I hope more gets scanlated ^^ it's been a few months since the most recent ch but I have hope! and imo the art is soooo KY00T!!!!!!!

june 20, 2020

finally got to watch okko's inn since it was recently added to netflix!!!! the movie catered to me completely LOL it was sooo CUTE!!! I luv the chara designs sm. big eyes, blushies, cute mouth.... aahhh T_T very very indulgent and fun!!!

june 07, 2020

I finished watching thunderbolt fantasy s2! I'll watch the second movie sometime before s3 airs I guess... I am even less of a movie person than an anime person but I did watch the legend of hei yesterday. I don't have much of an opinion or it other than yea it is pretty lol :P

...does anyone not know of the golden boy ova (1995; 1998 eng dub)?! I've watched some clips (mostly bc of mitsuo iso) but it never clicked for me to watch the entire thing ANYWAY we finally watched it and are so sad that there's only six episodes total. it was funnier than expected, and doug smith rly carried the entire dub!!! I wish he got to voice act in more stuff!!!!

btw golden boy is avail to watch legally and for free (both jpn and eng) but as you know.... it is an ecchi anime so... WARNING!!! BEWARE!!! use ur brainz and watch at ur own discretion

lastly, happy belated bday to mr. sylvain fire emblem LOL and WELCOME BACK ANIPOKE!!!!!!! T_T <3

june 01, 2020

I wanted to write something since I've had this site for a full month nao, but I don't really have much to say. hmm... OK well I miss playing PIU! (surprise surprise LOL) so I'll just share a few of the songs I have fond memories of learning how to play.

1st "hard" song I practiced playing & the only song IK when to spin LOL

I practiced doubles & cross overs with I'm Sorry D8 and this song

I just started 2 get the hang of this too... wish it was avail on GC!

may 29, 2020


I bought the $20+ tier for vol 1-34 of SPACE BROTHERS!!!! BECK and a bunch of other manga are included, but honestly $20 for all these volumes of space bros is already such a great deal! I've been trying to stay my sword (online shopping) hand for yrs and finally kita kore!!!

The only thing this sale could have included to be even better wld be Nodame Cantabile imo! O_O OK Kodansha actually publishes a lot of other good stuff, but Nodame is the other long series I have been wanting to buy nyhehe ^__^;;

check it out! or it's ok if you don't~ I just wanted to share da luv.

may 26, 2020

w00t!!!! I made a diary page & I'm gonna use it as a twitty spillover to admire whatever my current hyperfixations are LOL

so... I've been wanting to play a new rhythm game since I haven't been able to play PIU & I was in between choosing proj diva & groove coaster (having played neither before), but I ended up getting groove coaster since it went back on sale & then used saved $$$ on the undertale DLC!!! and wow, playing tappy taps really does reset your brain, like a good *BONK* to the head... loving dat smooth brain feel.

OK! next topic: since making a neocities acct, I have been having a blast browsing ppls sites! I especially love looking thru fanshrines to check out whatever niche (or not) anime etc. ppl are into, yanno? and then I discovered thunderbolt fantasy and wow do I love watching these lil guys move. I just can't help but feel a deep fondness when the puppets wave their lil hands and tap their foreheads. the before broadcast special on CR can also be a very satisfying watch on its own. also I wish lin setsu a wore the jester hat 24/7 (& that the CR subtitle names matched jpn pronounciation/dub) I would luv to talk more about this subject another time but for now I will just say that gen urubotchi is probably living his best puppet life and that is GREAT!

I finally started watching goldran w my friends because the chara designs and poses and hands etc etcetc are sooooo cuuuuute!!!! I was curious about the chara designer, since j-decker's was atsuko ishida & I luv her art sm! anywayz goldran's cd is hirotoshi takaya who is *shock* the main cd for ygo zexal!!!! I know, I know, very exciting stuff huh? the noodle arms + big round hands are very moe T_T *ez 2 plz*

o yea one last thing hmm, I think I will make a doremi shrine next >:3 mostly bc I want to compile an ep recc list since it's the bestest cutest