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Does Lovely Charmy Villains mean anything?

It's part of Team Rocket's motto! James declares themselves as the lovely, charmy villains in the OG, XY, & 2019 versions.

I see... But the bishies on your site don't seem like bad people?

They're guilty........ of stealing hearts! Specifically mine!

Ok, I'm going to just ignore that. Moving on, how did you choose the name viviyon, and does the # 666 hold any significance?

The 666th pokemon of the national dex is Vivillon, and it's pronounced like papillon. I like the pokemon & think it'd be cute as a name. ^^

They're those pokemon with many different wing designs. Do you have a favorite pattern?

They're all very pretty, so no.

Since you're viviyon, what kind of pattern or colors would you have?

That's...impossible! I'm actually a hamham! Well hmm, wings do sound nice.. Oh, I didn't answer the question?

Last question for now. To keep with the theme, do you have a favorite pokemon?

If I had to narrow it down, probably golbat then toxtricity because he's SMEXX--

No! You're not allowed to finish that sentence!

Sorry. I mean, it's difficult to choose just one since I like a lot!