Hi, I'm viviyon666! Welcome 2 my info/intro page. ^^

    I was sooooo amazed after stumbling into bewitchsurfer's Due South Fanshrine (I had 0 prior knowledge of the series & had lots of fun learning about it!) and was just floored by their passion. ...and I thought woooow me too I wanna do that. So here I am x yrs later, trying to achieve what I could not in elementary school, or middle school, or high school, or....etc., LOL. That being said, idt it is possible to make smth fueled 100% by nostalgia bc hello, we are living in the *~present~* ;) *winky face*

    Please enjoy my website lovingly cobbled together by pasting bits of code from the internet and praying. ^___^ (hehehe)
    It is still quite buggy...and will probably remain that way....sry!!!!!

    additional inspiration credits

    Red Abyss Dragon & Marie & Ria's YYH Site : I've had these sites bookmarked for a while. They reminded me of sites I used to browse during my childhood. I've always wanted to make a site with a friend because I love script chat! It's so cute, and I used to love reading fanfic A/N's where the author bickers with the main characters lol. Also, only tangentially related, but I bought some second-hand doujinshi a while back, and the previous owner left tracing paper between the pages over panels of the beautifully drawn faces. I would've totally done the same.

    水銀ランプ: A friend was looking through some doujinshi, and realized the doujinka's site was still up. We were sooooo excited to browse through it! Everyone used to have art sites using iframe & I could never figure it out!!! LOL how was I supposed to know you use it to link two separate pages ok!!!!!

    (lost site plz help): Ok so there used to be this site about Marik & Bakura (I think it was an offshoot of a puppyshipping site?), and they had TWO image galleries. One was called "The Y Zone", and I had NO IDEA what that meant. WELL NOW I DO! Shout out to that site. They had scans of Ultimate Powers/RURU art and I foolishly didn't even know what a doujin was at that time.

    (another lost site...): There used to be this Beyblade website called something like "Ask Dr. Kai" where readers would send questions and Kai would generously give up his time to answer whatever quandaries. I LOVED IT. Dr. Kai and his scarf were just Too Cool.

    (last lost site I swear): The very first fanfic I read was on a CCS fansite. Well I guess it was more of a drawn fic, but it was various diary entries w/ illustrations dedicated to the lives of Sakura and her friends but as pet bunnies. Whenever I look at the Hamtaro books by Ritsuko Kawai, I just think of that site!


    "want u to know i opened this in a tab then forgot about it and opened it again n thought it was a popup ad" - nauma

    "We have to find the hidden link to become chuunin? What a drag." - shikamaru, probably

    "actually it's just an award" - na~i~sho~ *^^*

    "Hmph, worthless. I could be training instead of going some stupid scavenger hunt." - guy who completed the paw encyclopaedia

    "lmfao fuck" - leslie

    dis site was made on 5/1/2020 & last updated on *looks at calendar*