hiiiii I turned off my neocities feed because my FAVORITE THING EVER is to just bookmark
sites and check back on them from time to time and look at ~*all*~ the new content available

this lil page is a collection of my friends & mutuals neocities pages & a smidge of pkmn related sites

contact me if u wanna xchange linkz n stuff hehe idk X3 or if I missed you!!!!!

check out my friends!!!!!

bewitchsurfer's homepage
here you will find art, fanshrines, and all sorts of other goodies! check it out!

dolls, fanshrines, and lots of fun! it's a fun visit down memory lane~

check dem out!!!!!

worm's world

cool sites / resources etc.

sakugabooru / sakugablog
an animation/animator database/imageboard & its blog

PkmnCards: Pokémon Card Search
pokemon card database! try searching by artist!

pokemon-cards-hourly / lovepokemontcg / poketcg / pokemontcgartworks / cardart
various tumblr galleries dedicated to pokemon tcg art

Pokemon TV
watch pokemon for free on the official site or app!