a curry house curry shrine

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curry house is yummy nyam nyam nyam this is my curry house memorial



In 2019 House Foods sold their restaurant division to FMP. After being closed for weeks to restructure, they reopened for a few months before, without warning, permanently closing in February 2020.

Curry House Closes - in-depth article by LA Times

rip curry house I'll miss u crycry sob


I think I've been eating at Curry House for 1/2 of my life and it is definitely a comfort food for me. We had to drive over to the next town to eat there and always hoped they'd open one in our town, but instead they closed down... T_T

While making this shrine, I was talking about Curry House with kuro and omfg we had rly fond memories of eating there...

"Bro I miss curry house aw man I'd only ever eat it w u too so I hav many fond memories of it ESP since ud b like Ok Kuro we had curry Ystday So maybe we should Not have curry today *goes to curry house anyway* I feel that We could only do that W each other I feel anyone else would throw a fit LOL"

...and it was sooooo truuueee!!! When they last visited, we went to Curry House like 4 days straight & when we went to LT we were like "I guess we can eat this for lunch since it is tradition and then just eat something else for dinner," and then when dinner time arrived we couldn't think of what to eat so we just ate curry again that day!!!! We will forever miss u lots.... *pleading emoji*


Here are some pages of the (most recent) Curry House menu! I found it online here. Other pages of the menu are also avail. on the site!


Here are some of their "special menu" items that they would rotate out. Not all of them were winners lol, but the ramen curry & loco moco curry eventually made their way in as a regular menu items. ^^

additional images

Curry House (first location)

coupon from e-newsletter

fukubukuro (new year lucky bags)

house brand curry packets are still available


If only I had the skillz of a food photographer, or knew how to better use filters...

My fav order was tofu katsu or 1/2 menchi katsu, super hot, a lot of fukujinzuke, and sometimes substitute white rice w/ spaghetti. I also like their tropical iced tea, med. hot curry pan, potato croquette, salad dressing, & corn potage... *yearning* The chicken and ginger curry & fried tofu salad are also yummy. T_T

loco moco

chicken and ginger

curry rice set

tofu katsu

menchi katsu

teppan hamburger

"do you take donation food pics"

YES! now I do LOL

chicken curry rice set w/ ebi fry (submitted by idolrider)