magical pokemon journey

"Hazel has fallen desperately in love with the handsome Pokémon trainer Almond. But he doesn't even notice her, so she goes to Grandpa, an old wizard and Pokémon researcher, to get a sure-fire love potion that will make Almond hers! However, love potions come with a price, and Grandpa demands that Hazel go out and capture Pokémon for him. Hazel doesn't know a Pokémon from a poker chip, but for the love of Almond, Hazel is willing to do anything! It's not until she discovers the feisty and cute Pikachu that Hazel begins to understand the magic and charm that makes Almond so enthusiastic about these wonderful creatures." - back cover of Magical Pokemon Journey volume 1

Magical Pokémon Journey (Pocket Monsters PiPiPi ★ Adventures) is written and drawn by Yumi Tsukirino. It was previously licensed by Viz Media & is currently out of print in the USA. First sold as monthly issues consisting of 2-3 chapters, it was later re-released as full volumes. Only 7 out of 10 of the volumes were released in English in the United States so we never got the ending!!! >_<

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hazel and her cute friends~!

Hazel: A maiden in love and the heroine of our story~ Hazel is has a crush on her friend, Almond. She agreed to become a pokemon trainer in exchange for a love potion made by Grandpa. Join her as she learns about her newfound friends~! ♥

Pikachu & Clefairy & Jigglypuff: These pokemon are childhood friends and love hanging out with their new friend Hazel. Pikachu is Hazel's cute and energetic partner~~~ Clefairy is a shy but talented pokemon capable of human speech and Jigglypuff is a refined princess type of gal!

Coconut & Eevee: Hazel's rival! Although a scientific genius, she still hasn't been able to perfect the formula to Almond's heart?! Eevee, Coconut's partner, is also a genius capable of human speech!

Almond: The (supposedly handsome) male lead. Eh, he's alright. Almond really likes pokemon and should pay more attention to Hazel!

Grandpa: A genius wizard and not-so-genius pokemon researcher. He created a cute outfit for Hazel that protects her from attacks!

~~~and many more fun and exciting characters~~~

goodies from ciao magazine~

A lot of goodies were given in issues of Ciao (the magazine it was published in). There's so much cool stuff out there, so plz browse Mercari instead. >_<;

Mercari search for "ピピピアドベンチャー "
Mercari search for "PiPiPiアドベンチャー "
scans of the letter sets (by pokescans/pacificpikachu)

a tiny blurb ^^

I bought volume one at a Barnes & Noble when I was little. It was my treasure LOL I had one of those label sticker makers, and the first thing I used it on was that volume.

I still need to find volumes 3 & 4! I have been looking for them second-hand every time I go to a Book Off, but I've accepted that I'll never find them there... I also really want the issue versions (I used to have part 2-2 but I lost it somewhere). They are A4 size and even come with posters!!!!

I also like these pkmn books!

pokemon tales

I love these lil picture books (drawn by various artists) so much. So, so, so much. I remember reading these at the library and I still have my copy of Jigglypuff's Magic Lullaby (not from the library)!

electric tale of pikachu

Drawn by Toshihiro Ono, this comic used to also be licensed by Viz Media! It was also very heavily censored. The art is very pretty IMO, and I think it is quite fun that he is also a hentai mangaka.

how I became a pokemon card

By Kagemaru Himeno, who is also an pokemon trading card artist! This manga features short stories about pokemon featured in these cards. It was unfortunately never officially translated in English.