who is yami bakura

high schooler? dungeon master?

spirit of the millennium ring & ancient egyptian thief king?

the (2nd) funniest character in YGO?

he's all of the above and MOAR!


I was going to recap his chara & two story arcs, but honestly, who doesn't know Yami Bakura?????

Instead I'll just post images of his intro, so we can all remember what a smart & funny guy he is! ^_~

Screencaps from the VIZ translation. Open in new tab to enlarge!


"Get out of...The hall and come on in!" - an excellent host (if he was allowed to be one)

"Yes, I pride my games on my attention to detail." - an artisan dedicated to his craft

Ryou likes TTRPG, but Yami Bakura LIVES FOR THAT SH*T

I like to believe this forshadows the arc where they all LARP

This arc is just so stupidgood ILI

A generous and benevolent king <3

3000+ yrs old but still way more tech savvy than me

"How does the durable poly-resin feel? *winky face* " - my dude knows his stuff

He would understand the utter despair of playing a gacha game...

Ok, this one is Ryou. Our King Would Never Die (except that first & all subsequent times)

I should just make a pre-duelist/DM fanshrine instead because it is SO FUNNY!!!!!!!
Death-T is great. All of it. Is so great!