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    may 17 2022

    you know... I was gonna make another post here being like omg 2 yr anniv bayyybeeee!!! but the internet in our area wasn't working, and then I eventually forgot about it... I've been moving around (mostly taking out) things this past year, mostly stuff dat I feel is somehow too personal LOL even if it's just OC content, or um things related to my fav 2D charas...hehe. I'm just too thin-skinned to show my ass, even on my own site!!!!! don't be like me!!!! anyway, I realized some of my links are dead but I hope to fix up a new mutuals section in my bookmarks with everyone's new handles... SOMETIME!!!!! ONE DAY!!!!!!!

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    march 22 2022

    I've only been making dairy entries tehe but I'm alive!!!!!
    I moved my reading list from diary to here!!!!

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    may 01~~~2021!!!!!

    IT'S BEEN.... A WHOLE YR!!!!!! SINCE I MADE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!! what happened to making an ojamajo doremi shrine? or the crowned tundra section of my swsh one? well, hmm.... xD

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    june 28 2020

    Gray (lividβ˜†dreams) made some buttons for this site!!!!!! I love them!!!!

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    june 18 2020

    I finished the story portion of isle of armor yesterday, so I made a small addition to my swsh shrine :3 ~*check it out*~

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    june 10 2020

    added a page for anime kitties! =^w^= I couldn't stop myself from adding autoplay music... sowwy... also added diary posts, rearranged pages, etc. stuff I don't usually bother updating this log with~~~

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    june 01 2020

    w00t! 1 month anniv for this site!!! :D

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    may 26 2020

    yes...I know I have this weblog, but I also made a diary page!!! first post is mostly a test, but hopefully I will use it more for cool stuff I find :P

    may 21 2020

    I tried Notepad++ for a hot second, but my friend introduced me to Visual Studio Code & the Live Server extension and... Wow, it's so much easier to do things now. O_O In other news, I added a Kenkyo Kenjitsu shrine. I know I'll never get anyone to read it, but it's ok, I will read it enough times for all my friends instead. *dark determination*

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    may 15 2020

    I made another shrine! My friend introduced me to flex boxes while making the previous one, but I couldn't fit it in since I was preoccupied with getting tabs to work. Soooo, I made a new page as an excuse to try it out! I think there's probably a more standard way to get what I wanted done, but...looks off into the distance.

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    may 13 2020

    Added an awards and claims section to the "collections" page. ^^

    I also changed the "home" page. It doesn't have autoplay music anymore... *benevolent* The only actual page that should have it atm is "collections" but who doesn't love riyo or that song?!?!?! Well, goodbye Sylvain. πŸ˜” ✊

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    may 11 2020

    I have a total of FOUR fanshrines now!!!! There are still things I want to do: I need to save and organize all the images in my tcg shrine, so I don't have to direct link off of tumblr. I also want a screenshot gallery for my hxh99 shrine, but I'll do that during my next rewatch mayhaps.

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    may 07 2020

    all the main pages are up! *dances*

    may 01 2020

    made my neocities account >:) ready2party!!!!!!!!!!!