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    I used to watch Hunter x Hunter (along with Kodocha & Cyborg Kuro-chan) at my grandparents' apartment. I was flipping channels and caught the middle of episode 12 (the scene where Gon tries to get the ball from Netero but falls off the deck). The show looked cool, esp since it seemed to be about KIDS! Like ME! Unfortunately, it was all in Mandarin, and I had no idea what it was even called for the longest time. X amount of time in the future, I miraculously found volumes of it tucked away in either a 7-11 or famimart...?!

    So began my furious Yahoo! search for fansites dedicated to the series... I needed to know. First of all what the heck were the character names? Who were the other guys on the volume covers? Why weren't they also kids like me? Is this show not actually about kids playing sports on a blimp deck?

    I also read some fanfiction hosted on these sites. I saw a lot of Kurapika x Neon fanfics, and at first I thought it was someone's character. But wait, she appeared on this site, and that one too, etc. It was kind of weird how everyone named their character Neon. Or maybe it was normal to collectively share a character? Uh, no. She was the main character of HxH of course!!!!! DUH!

    Later on, I did manage to watch the entire series online (BTW I really appreciate EncoderAnon's restoration of it).

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    Killua was the COOLEST. I used to love Mashou no Tenshi (his character song) and tried really hard to find a midi version of it... (I did find it btw)

    The only thing I remember about the musical is Hisoka's ripe apple song... >_>

    I couldn't tell the difference between HxH99 (& Yorkshin OVA) from the Greed Island OVA... The most I realized was, oh Killua's eye color & Hisoka's hair colored changed.

    HxH99 is a really pretty show. I love all the build up, slow moments, filler content, and I love the colors and POV shots and background music, etcetcetc. Limited animation doesn't really bother me, especially if it's from inb4 webgen. Also I saw a BG painting avail on Ebay from the filler arc (treasure diving exam) and should've just snagged it. It haunts me to this day. >_<

    I usually prefer reading manga, but I would rather rewatch this version of the anime. The most recent arc I finished reading was the 13th hunter chairman election one...? I think...?

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