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my kenkyo kenjitsu ships

wakaba x reika: 299 chapters and Reika still hasn't been able to get a boyfriend... Well? Perhaps? A certain someone was under her nose this entire time? Gawd if only Reika x Wakaba was canon, but I know that it isn't gonna happen. Reika has been watching out for Wakaba these three years! And look what has Kaburagi done? Some stuff probably, *deleting my memories*. Anyway Reika was there first and I already imprinted.

kaburagi x reika: Yeah this isn't gonna happen either, but their fake dates are fun. SMH that Reika spent all her date fantasies (ex: after school uniform date) on Kaburagi (so he can show off his experience to Wakaba, when he finally asks her out)... They're really funny together even if they're not into each other, and unfortunately she was there for him (more or less) whenever he had an emo moment. It's not her fault she's the main character of our story though! She didn't want to be there!!!

enjou x reika: This one is probably canon, unless it's another fake out. I like this ship too tbh, but I feel kind of bad for Reika since she always seems so afraid of him (it's also why I enjoy it). The part during middle school where he apologized and let her punch him in the gut was ky00t. He also used his cute lil bro as an excuse to ask her out to the flower festival too, right before the hiatus... *dies*

In the end... I'll ship anyone with Reika as long as it is fun and she is relatively happy LOL. It's also fine if the story ends with her still chief of Forever Alone Village. Romance really isn't the main appeal hehe. :P

other villainess isekai etc.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (novel/manga/anime)
AKA Bakarina or hamehura. I actually found Kenkyo Kenjitsu through Bakarina's comments section. There's even fanart of Reika and Katarina celebrating Bakarina's anime announcement (and other additional crossover fanart)! Sooo cuuutee... Anyway, volume 1 and 2 of the novel are good. Volumes 3+ kind of lack appeal because they take place after the "game" (main story).

Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san (webcomic/manga)
I was going to hold off on listing this one here, but this drawing of Grace and Katarina changed my mind... *easily swayed* The webcomic started as a joke and can be found starting here, and of course scanlations are floating around the net. ^.~


I was going to list more serializations but I am kind of picky. I will think abt this section some more sowwy. Also oops... I didn't talk about what these are about either, huh. WELL... Please forgive me and may your heart be bigger than your brain.

another blurb

I like these stories because... Weeeeell, I love junk food lol. Actually these stories fall in line with the kind of fanfiction I like to read— stories centered around self-inserts or fan characters. Like, you know those fics about fans (usually high school girls) falling into a portal from their TV to the Yu Yu Hakusho universe? THOSE. They were pretty much all I read in elementary and middle school. Other fanfic tropes I love are time travel and butterfly effect (etc.), and villainess isekai are basically all of those combined.

Also... I wanted to decorate these pages more, but there's (understandably) literally no official art for this novel, and I already feel so guilty for adding the fanart w/o permission... >__>;;; Since there's no official art, there aren't any "official" designs either (other than the scarce physical descriptors). So I want everyone to know that my fancast of Kaburagi Masaya is in fact Heero from Gundam Wing (but with black hair).


Hmm, maybe I should edit this page so there's actually content... If you made it down here, sorry, and thank you for reading?!