. ~ * the isle of armor * ~ .

I was going to make a diary page after playing isle of armor but I'll just chronicle it here instead ^^

available to do at the isle of armor: shake trees for apricorn to make apriballs, recycle items with the cram-o-matic, feed pkmn max soup, learn new moves via tutor, visit new digging duo (ma & pa), add exp & mark charms to your already too cluttered rotom phone strap

was the dlc worth $30? no.  
was avery? absolutely.

I was disappointed with being unable to meet the pink murder beauty when klara and avery were first introduced as version exclusives, but after the initial shock wore off I grew to appreciate avery's design... such as his absurdly tall hat with the floating pokeballs around it, huge black cravat and long frilled socks, and tucked-in high-waisted gym shorts... and now my mind goes bonkers just thinking about him LOL

klara and the adorable psycho way she presses her pokeballs is so ky00t! and I luv the distorted slowpoke (probably a touch up using her rotom phone's beauty filter app lol) on her league card.
I wish I could meet her too!!!!!!!!!!


ok the rest is going to just be my avery shrine

@ first I thought he was going to murder the player idk maybe smother with his cravat or idk do a magic trick using his hat, but it turns out he is just a huge incompetent tsun... very very moe ...adult brat child. it is such a shame he did not get to meet sordward and shieldbert but maybe a blessing bc I can imagine the two relentlessly bullying him LOL the rich mean girls who say u aren't allowed to sit at their lunch table, yanno???

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